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Reiki Windsor

Reiki in Windsor

Please ring Jo 07738 643 824

(telephone different from shop)


Reiki is the process of flowing universal energy to allow healing, and relaxation.

The Reiki practitioner works with youre energetic system and flows through higher levels of energy, love and light.

Sacred symbols are used:

  • Symbol 1: Focus power healing – directs a channel of focused energy, much like a lightning bolt to a specific area or situation.
  • Symbol 2: Emotional healing – balances emotional issues and situations.
  • Symbol 3: Distance Healing – allowing the practitioner to heal any individual, animal or being across distance and time (this is used upon request after a session)

Many clients feel a relaxing experience during their Reiki session as it is a powerfully peaceful process yet empowering in its own way.


Your reiki in Windsor therapist Jo Ward, combines Reiki with angelic and Huna energies to give you the most relaxing, and peaceful therapy session.

Jo is also a master practitioner and trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.

Each session is 60 minutes and as well as an all over body energetic alignment, Jo will also clear energies from within youre aura and chakras. Chakras that are sluggish or blocked can manifest in evryday health issues and general stress and tiredness.

60 minutes £80 1st Appointment

£100/hr normally

Please ensure you drink plenty of water after youre reiki session.

To book youre energetic alignment & reiki session in Windsor:

Ring/Text Jo 07738 643 824

Book An Appointment:
Ring To Book Appointment

01753 841744