Natinuel Eyes Contour Cream

Natinuel Eyes Contour Cream

Natinuel_Eyes_Contour_CreamTHE LOOK (Eyes Contour Cream)

Natirium Anti-Aging De-contractor Restructuring Cream
Wrinkles in the area around the eyes are accentuated mainly because of changes in configuration of the skin, resulting from the mimicry of expression.
This important area of the face affected by structural damage of chronological and photo aging, by changing the different biological mechanisms whose integrity depends on the aesthetic beauty of the eye. The skin thins, shrivels, becomes dry, thereby making bags and dark spots can form in the lower eyelid.
For a rejuvenating important work to be done with specific active substances on various aspects of the problem.

  • Bioceutic cream with high dermatological functionality.
  • It is a particular cream to act specifically on the biochemical mechanisms of muscle contraction, the dark circles and wrinkles.
  • The use on this delicate area of the face, favor a total rejuvenation and renovation of the eyes contour.

– Net reduction the frequency of muscle contractions
– Decreased expression lines
– Elimination of fine lines
– Reduces bags and puffiness under the eyes
– Skin toned, smooth and compact

Active Ingredients
-Peptides Inhibitors Complex
-Peptides Regenerating Complex

How to Use
Apply the cream once or twice a day to the area under the eyes (on the upper eyelid should not be applied), massage gently until totally absorbed.

Suitable for All Skin Types.

Capacity 15ml.

Made in Italy.

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