Natinuel Oxy 100 Face Cream

Natinuel OXY 100

Natinuel_Oxy100_Face CreamRegenerating Oxygenating Sanitising Cream

OXY 100 is an innovative cream based on ozonides integrated with a special peptide, this particular type of synergy makes the skin tissue more oxygenated and moisturised.

Once applied to the skin OXY 100 frees nascent oxygen which combines with hemoglobin to oxygenate the tissues.

This particular cream is indicated to speed up healing of skin lesions, to improve wound healing and to reactivate and reorganise multiple metabolic mechanisms that are fundamental for a healthy, biologically younger skin.

– Increases tissue oxygenation
– Increases the ATP
– Improves the repair of wounds and skin lesions of various kinds
– Has sanitising properties
– Improves healing
– Strengthens the skins naturals defenses
– Stimulates various metabolic processes
– Improves the vascularization of regenerated tissues

Active Ingredients
– Ozonides
– Bio-Peptide

How To Use
Apply the cream once or twice a day all over the face, massage gently until totally absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types.

Capacity 50ml.

Made in Italy.

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