Training Course

Thai Massage Certified Training Course


Thai Massage Windsor with Trainer Bam


Learn how to be a Thai Massage Therapist.

You will be shown traditional Thai Massage techniques.


* Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

* Full Body Thai Massage

* Warm up & Stretch

* Walk on back

The training session is for beginners who wish to be a certified Thai Massage Therapist. 

Walk_On_Back_Thai_MassageModule 1: Intro & benefits of Thai Massage, hygiene, health & safety, before/after massage, breathing techniques, pressure points 2hr £75
Module 2: Warm up Body Muscle 2hr £75
Module 3: Walking On Back 2hr £75
Module 4: Back Deep Tissue Massage 2hr £75
Module 5: Legs/Back & Front Deep Tissue 2hr £75
Module 6: Traditional Thai Legs Massage 2hr £75
Module 7: Arms & Head, Neck & Shoulder 2hr £75
Module 8: Stomach & Chest Massage 2hr £75

Module 9: Practical Experience in Shop with volunteers 2hours/week for 5 weeks

You will also be expected to do 20 hours practical on volunteers in your own time.

Includes Traditional Thai Massage Book

Exam: 3hr £250 (Including IPTI NVQ level 2 certificate UK Professional Independent)

Training Times Available: To be discussed with your trainer Bam


*Only £850 To Be Certified Thai Massage Therapist *

Optional Extra: Foot Massage & Reflexology half day course £250

To Book Your Training:

* Visit the Salon: 59 Victoria Street

* Ring: 01753 841744 (ask for Bam)

You Will Learn the Following Traditional Thai Massage Techniques:

Windsor Therapy Massage


Head, Neck & Shoulders/Full Body Thai Massage

The health benefits: headache relieve, neck and shoulder tension/pain relieve, alleviates stress, promotes calmness, helps to remove toxins, lifts energy and improves concentration. (Check video)




Thai Massage Windsor

Warm Up and Stretch

The movements adjust the skeletal structure, increase flexibility and suppleness.

It leaves you with a sense of revitalization and euphoric feeling of well-being – ‘common remarks made by my clients’ – In physical terms, the body gets re-balanced restoring boosts circulation and alleviating pains and discomfort.



Massage WindsorDeep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage get’s rid of deep rooted knots and will noticeably loosen muscles, eliminate pain and increase mobility. Concentrates on the deeper muscle tissues that surround the joints and the spine.


Walk On Back

Legs and feet of the giver can be used to fixate the body or limbs of the recipient. In other positions, hands fixate the body, while the feet do the massaging action. Benefit to release the pressure.


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