Body Scrub

Body Scrub WindsorOur 5 element therapy body scrub helps bring your body back into balance.

Enjoy a full body scrub with our unique blend of herbs.

  • Balance your energy for peace and wellbeing
  • Relax you mind, body and destress

Our special herbal blend works naturally with the 5 elements in your body to support your bodies natural rhythms and to bring it back into alignment.

45 minute full body scrub, only £35

The 5 element herbal combination is a wonderful natural healing therapy that uses a special combination of herbs and essential oils from magical Nepal.

The combination is blended in a natural organic nettle and hemp mit.

5 Elements Herbal Massage WindsorYour body is made up of 5 elements:


When the elements are out of balance it can create stress in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

By using this unique product it helps to remove any elements that are overactive and add elements that you may be weak in thus helping bring your body back into its natural state of balance and wellbeing.


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